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Algae biofuel being processed
Algae biofuel being processed
Although fossil fuels have been an essential energy source for many centuries, they come with many disadvantages that do more harm than good in the long run. Algae biofuels may be the future of alternative, renewable energy resources.
Still relatively new to the research and energy industry, algae biofuels have the potential to produce a lot of energy while being sustainable and beneficial for the environment. Algae are microorganisms that grow in aquatic environments and undergo photosynthesis to create biomass.
There are two different types of algae that can be produced to make biofuels: macroalgae and microalgae.
Macroalgae are large, multi-cellular organisms that are measured in inches and grow in ponds. Microalgae are micro, unicellular organisms that are measured in micrometers and grow in suspension within a body of water.
A few companies have attempted to test the waters of algae biofuel production and the market, but currently none are able to maximise productivity and cost efficiency in the production of algae biofuels, leaving many doubtful of its potential.
However, the extent of its potential and use have not been discovered...

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Algae biofuel being processed