Nov 30, 2020
IATA urges governments to act on SAF
Policy News
Nov 25, 2020
A coalition of US biofuels and agricultural trade groups filed a motion asking the courts to enforce its 2017 decision over the improper waiver of 500 million gallons of biofuel demand. In the court of appeals hearing, the group demanded that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) address the renewable volume obligation (RVO) controversy. The coalition, which... [Read More]

Policy News
Nov 19, 2020
A Sustainable Aviation Fuel Act, an innovative bill that takes a first step toward cutting the climate-harming pollution from aircraft, has been introduced in the US. The bill, introduced by Julia Brownley (D-CA), sets clear targets for the aviation sector to cut emissions to put the sector on a path to net-zero emissions by 2050. The bill provides incentives for the... [Read More]

Policy News
Nov 18, 2020
The Government’s decision to phase-out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030 and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles by 2035 has been welcomed by the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA). The REA represents around 550 companies, including more than 150 operating across the production and distribution of renewable transport fuels,... [Read More]

Policy News
Nov 17, 2020
The Biofuture Platform is leading calls for urgent collaboration from policymakers following a 12% drop in biofuel output this year announced in the International Energy Agency. The multi-stakeholder initiative designed to take action on climate change by promoting international coordination on the sustainable low-carbon bioeconomy, has labelled this as a potentially... [Read More]

Policy News
Nov 16, 2020
The European Commission has granted the continuation of tax exemption measures for biofuels in Sweden. Sweden has exempted liquid biofuels from energy and CO₂ taxation since 2002 under EU state aid rules. The scheme was continued following the Commission decision until 31 December and this has now been extended to 31 December 2021. The reason for the tax exemption... [Read More]

Policy News
Nov 5, 2020
BP has pledged to become net emissions neutral by 2050. The energy giant, one of the biggest in the world, said in a statement recently it aimed to reach net zero emissions “by 2050 or sooner” and would push to get the world net neutral over the same time scale. The company has pledged to lobby for carbon taxes around the world and said it would launch a new team... [Read More]

Policy News
Nov 4, 2020
The European Commission’s decision to introduce surveillance measures on imports of renewable ethanol from third countries is an important step towards preventing a surge in imports to the EU renewable ethanol industry, according to ePURE. The decision, taken at the initiative of France and supported by an overwhelming majority of member states, follows an action from... [Read More]

Policy News
Nov 2, 2020
Clariant has announced continuing operations sales of CHF $2.838 billion (€2.62 billion) in the first nine months of 2020 - compared to CHF $3.272 billion (€2.99 billion) in the first nine months of last year. This corresponded to a decrease of 6% in local currency due to lower demand and 13% in Swiss francs attributable to unfavourable currency developments. As... [Read More]

Policy News
Oct 30, 2020
Pacific Ethanol has announced the company’s strategic realignment to focus on speciality alcohols. Over the past nine months, the company increased production of speciality alcohols used in consumer products and reduced fuel grade ethanol production. The company’s production mix shifted from approximately 85% fuel grade ethanol and 15% specialty alcohols used in... [Read More]

Policy News
Oct 22, 2020
Thailand has set a target of achieving 30% of its power generation from renewables by 2036 as part of its low carbon transition plan. The renewable growth will be led by biofuels followed by solar PV and then wind. Palm oil among others are the major potential biomass energy sources in the south-east Asian state. Thailand’s power sector is heavily dependent on fossil... [Read More]

Policy News
Oct 15, 2020
Cross-party MPs from across the political spectrum voiced support for sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and decarbonisation. MPs spoke out about the need to back early stage sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) facilities in the country. The debate, Work of the Jet Zero Council, took place in Westminster Hall and was secured by a member of the Conservative Environment Network,... [Read More]

Policy News
Oct 8, 2020
The founder and executive chairman of Praj Industries was chosen to receive the prestigious 2020 George Washington Carver Award for Innovation in Industrial Biotechnology and Agriculture. Washington DC-based Biotechnology Innovation Organisation (BIO) announced that Dr Pramod Chaudhari became the first Indian and second Asian recipient of this global honour. BIO, the... [Read More]

Policy News
Oct 7, 2020
Neste has reiterated it is committed to reaching carbon-neutral production by 2035. The commitment complements Neste’s other strategic climate commitment of reducing customers’ greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20 million tonnes annually by 2030. “Neste’s purpose is to create a healthier planet for our children. We do this by offering renewable and circular... [Read More]

Policy News
Sep 30, 2020
The biofuels sector employed a total of 2.5 million people, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Many of these positions were in the agricultural supply chain in countries like Brazil, Colombia and Malaysia, the organisation revealed. In the new IRENA report recently published, the renewables sector accounted for around 11.5 million jobs worldwide... [Read More]

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