US ethanol association Growth Energy welcomes new members

Growth Energy, the largest ethanol association in the US, has welcomed three new innovative business members: Frazenburg, Brown Tank and Bioleap.

“Growth Energy is fortunate to now have three more innovative business members, each leaders in their respective fields, as part of our association,” said Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy. “Frazenburg, Brown Tank, and Bioleap will provide valuable input as we work to grow market opportunity at home and abroad and we look forward to building a bright future for the biofuels industry together.”

Des Moines, Iowa-headquartered Frazenburg has a strong footprint in the biofuels industry, offering customers options for new decanter centrifuges and separators.

“For Franzenburg the choice was easy and we are excited to be joining Growth Energy,” commented CEO Craig Tracy. “Growth’s commitment to creating new markets both domestically and abroad for our customers is something we look forward to supporting. Here at Franzenburg we pride ourselves in our people, our products and our relationships and we see the same commitment and values from Growth Energy.”

Brown Tank, which is based in St. Paul, Minnesota, builds tanks of all sizes, providing customers with quality products delivered on budget and time.

“Brown Tank is thrilled to be joining Growth Energy, and as a longtime partner in this industry over the past 30+ years, we have seen firsthand the fights and challenges that this industry faces, and know and the importance of having a voice like Growth Energy representing us and the rest of this industry,” noted Scott Kraker, sales manager at Brown Tank. ”We look forward to helping support our customers through the many great platforms that Growth Energy leads.”

Tampa, Florida-based Bioleap provides technical solutions and complete engineering services to the renewable fuels industry. The company’s Dryer Exhaust Energy Recovery (DEER) system uses waste energy from the DDGS dryer system to produce clean, boiler-quality steam.

“Bioleap is thrilled to be joining Growth Energy and supporting this great industry,” said Bioleap CEO Wayne Mitchell. “We see the value in partnering with an organisation that not only leads the push for pro ethanol legislation in our nation’s capital, but also works tirelessly with refiners and fuel retailers to ensure more Americans have access to E15 and other blends of ethanol.”

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