EWABA welcomes fact several member states not ready to support compromise agreement

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Several Member States including Germany are considering not supporting the deal struck during the first trilogue on 18 January - with a minority likely to block the file.
A number of Member States support the important role of renewable fuels, citing the latest statistics published by Eurostat showing that even in 2022 most Member States still did not fulfil the 10% transport target and will be struggling to meet the ambitious future targets 14.5% emission savings or 29% share of renewable energy even more.
Heavy-duty transport is a hard-to-decarbonise sector and will need significantly more time, effort and investments to reach large-scale electrification or the deployment of novel fuels such as hydrogen in significant volumes.
“A combination of technologies will be needed to efficiently decarbonise the transport sector, and especially road HDVs. Sustainable biodiesel is the best available and cheapest fuel solution not requiring any notable infrastructure investments. It should, therefore, be encouraged for further use in higher blends to decarbonise the heavy-duty road sector,” EWABA Secretary General Angel Alvarez Alberdi said.
This is a crucial moment for the EU transport sector to move forward embracing technology neutrality and utilise the most efficient and sustainable fuels to cut emissions today.

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