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Nov 12, 2018
US review of Argentine biodiesel tariffs could revive halted exports
Nov 9, 2018
The European Union’s ‘largest’ biodiesel producer Avril has launched France’s first biodiesel-only fuel, according to Reuters. Biodiesel is usually a blend mixed with fossil fuels but Avril claims that the ‘pure’ product, named Oleo 100, is less polluting and is built from French renewable crops. According... [Read More]

Nov 7, 2018
On Tuesday a Brazilian association of biodiesel producers called Ubrabio, presented a proposal for the government to retain 10% of soybean export earnings. According to Reuters, Ubrabio states that the programme is to help the local soybean crushing industry. In order to help boost the sales of... [Read More]

Oct 31, 2018
Reuters has reported that French oil & gas firm Total has chosen to delay its planned biodiesel refinery, named La Mede, until the first quarter of 2019. The news agency cites the company’s chief financial officer. The refinery is estimated to have a capacity of 500,000 tonnes of... [Read More]

Oct 29, 2018
Researchers in Iran have developed a process to produce biodiesel out of chicken fat. The research intends to reduce the cost of biodiesel production as it is typically quite high. According to the Iran Front Page, Iranian researchers have carried out nanocatalysis-based synthesis that makes... [Read More]

Oct 19, 2018
For the last few months the European biodiesel industry has insisted that the European Commission enforce the implementation of provisional countervailing import duties on 'unfair' biodiesel imports from Argentina. The legal deadline in which to do so is 31  October  2018. The provisional duties that are currently... [Read More]

Oct 17, 2018
Biodiesel distributor Targray announced the opening of a 24/7 biodiesel terminal in Fargo, North Dakota. Targray claims that the terminal will help address the growing demand for biofuels in Northwest Minnesota. This follows legislation by the state, requiring fuel sold to be a 20% biodiesel mix (B20). The... [Read More]

Oct 4, 2018
The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) released a letter alongside a press release detailing its appreciation for 46 members of Congress who supported its bid for an extension of a biodiesel tax incentive. Led by Representatives David Young (R-IA) and Dave Loebsack (D-IA), the 46 Congress members representing... [Read More]

Sep 25, 2018
Around 20 gallons of biodiesel was spilt in the Canadian city of Vernon on Monday afternoon. According to Castanet the spillage occurred after a steamroller drove over a parking meter on 31 Street, which dislodged something underneath the vehicle causing the spill.     The... [Read More]

Sep 21, 2018
The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) and the American Soybean Association (ASA) have written to President Donald Trump in hopes that he can provide further support to the biodiesel industry. The two associations have asked that he provide biodiesel room for growth under the Renewable Fuel Standard; restore... [Read More]

Sep 19, 2018
The Chamber of Commerce in Brazil published an article detailing a public hearing where the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) will discuss the schedule for raising the mandatory ratio of biodiesel to diesel. It is outlined that the government will be intending to understand whether the... [Read More]

Sep 18, 2018
Wilmar International has said that the implementation of the biodiesel programme in Indonesia has proven that there should be no concern that the use of biodiesel will affect vehicle engines.   After concerns were raised by Malaysian hauliers and automotive manufacturers on the implementation of the biodiesel... [Read More]

Sep 17, 2018
In an official statement, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) claims that Indonesia’s expansion of 20% biodiesel fuel (B20) has reached 80% of its target. The expansion involves the mandatory use of B20 as part of an effort to reduce the export of crude oil,... [Read More]

Sep 10, 2018
Korean companies, Hyundai and LG are to construct biodiesel factories in response to the government’s effort to expand the domestic use of the fuel through its mandatory 20% blended biodiesel (B20) policy.  Antara News Agency reported that, West Kalimantan Governor, Sutarmidji, said that they “welcome... [Read More]

Aug 29, 2018
The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced up to AUD$500,000 (€311,719) in funding will be awarded to Boral Timber to investigate the feasibility of building a biorefinery capable of producing biodiesel from sawmill residues. If the facility at Boral Timber’s Hardwood Sawmill at Herons... [Read More]

Aug 17, 2018
The US National Biodiesel Board has reiterated the industry’s strong support for the passage of a new Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 (commonly known as the Farm Bill) that includes funding for programmes that support biodiesel, in a letter to the Conference Committee working to finalise... [Read More]