SABA announces collective purchase of SAF certificates

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Firms including Bank of America, Boom Supersonic, Boston Consulting Group, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Meta and clean energy non-profit RMI are joining together through the Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance (SABA) to purchase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) certificates at scale.
This leap forward from previous individual SAF certificate purchases by corporations dramatically strengthens the demand signal aviation customers are sending to the SAF market.
The SAF involved in the SABA transaction is produced by World Energy and reduces lifecycle carbon emissions by 84% compared to conventional jet fuel.
SABA members are purchasing SAF certificates linked to 850,000 gallons of this high-integrity SAF, which is being used to fuel JetBlue flights this year.
“SAF is the most meaningful way we have to decarbonize the aviation industry, but it will take many stakeholders working together to bring the supply and cost of SAF where we need to meet our net-zero goals,” said Sara Bogdan, director of sustainability & ESG at JetBlue.
“World Energy is honoured to be the fuel producer for SABA’s first aggregated SAF purchase. At this pivotal moment SABA plays an important role in addressing aircraft emissions by cultivating trust in SAF and making corporate actions to decarbonise aviation possible,” said Adam Klauber, VP Sustainability & ESG at World Energy.

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