Renewable fuels: advancing European market uptake

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Discovering the world, working with people across the globe, commuting to work every day or consuming exotic fruits imported to Europe – nearly every European is used to at least one of these habits producing a significant amount of carbon emissions. On the road to decarbonising transport and reaching climate targets, the market uptake of renewable fuels is essential.

The European transport sector is the only major sector where greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are continuously increasing. In 2017, transport emissions (excluding international aviation and maritime) represented close to 22% of the total European emissions; and it is estimated that these carbon emissions have risen by 20% since 1990. While road transport has contributed the most to the transport sector’s GHG emissions, the largest increase in final energy consumption has occurred in the aviation sector between 1990 and 2016, and this sector is expected to continue growing rapidly. International shipping activity is also expected to increase as it is driven by increasing globalisation and trade.

In response to increasing emissions, the European Union (EU) has set several targets to...

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