Popular industry trade shows and conferences become latest victim of Covid-19

Since Covid-19 first made the news when it struck in a place in China most of us had never heard of, little did we suspect the global consequences three months later.

Normal daily life as we know it has been severely disrupted, thousands of people have died worldwide, borders between countries are being closed and the stock markets and our global economies have taken a pounding.

Governments are taking drastic measures to try and curb the spread of Covid-19 and this has led to the closure of bars and restaurants while sporting activities have also been kicked into touch. Schools and universities in the United Kingdom could shut soon while other centres of education in different parts of the world already have.

One of the victims of the spread of the virus has been trade shows and conferences which have had to be rescheduled.

The Jet Fuel Innovation Summit scheduled to take place in Houston, Texas, from April 6 and 7 will now take place in the autumn/fall although a date has yet to be fixed.

The 9th Geneva Biofuels Conference was due to take place on April 23 and will now happen on October 1.

The AOCS annual meeting and expo that was going to be held in Canada has been cancelled.

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