On the road to recovery

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The bleak realisation that overcoming COVID-19 will be a long-haul process is a daunting prospect for us all.
Early optimism that  vaccination protection would  facilitate a rapid return to  normal has gradually given  way to an acceptance that  this is a pandemic which is  more likely to keep hitting  us in renewed variant waves  for the foreseeable future.
Assessing the current state of the biofuels industry across Asia, therefore, it is clear the pandemic has had a marked production and demand impact on the sector, is still impacting businesses today,  and will continue to do so in  the months and years ahead.
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While Asian country reports  from the US Department  of Agriculture (USDA) tell  a largely repetitive story of  triumph, for some, in the face  of COVID-19, there is also  considerable evidence that  others have struggled and  have more battles still to face.  In Indonesia, for instance, the USDA’s verdict is that the country has maintained its nationwide biodiesel programme this year, achieving a high on-road blending rate average of 30% since 2020.
That is despite the financial...

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