Novozymes’s new innovations boost efficiency in ethanol production

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Novozymes will be introducing new advanced technologies in yeast and fibre.
Innova Element is the latest addition to Novozymes’ ambitious Innova yeast platform that was launched less than three years ago and has met a clear need for better performance and reliability.
Element specifically targets ethanol plants seeking the highest level of starch and glucose conversion.
“By continuing to combine the biological synergies and sustainability of our enzymes, yeast, and technical service platforms, Novozymes is establishing new performance expectations for ethanol production,” said Brian Brazeau, Novozymes’ president for North America and vice president, agricultural & industrial biosolutions, Americas.
“Innova Element seeks to lead the industry in ethanol yield without sacrificing robust performance – delivering the most trusted performance in starch accessibility and conversion. Through yeast engineered for today’s ethanol production needs, Element really takes advantage of its environment to maximise producer opportunity.”
Element is tolerant of high ethanol concentrations, powers through high organic acid and fermentation temperature excursions – delivering the lowest residual starch. This allows producers to push for new ethanol yield targets while minimising losses to common stressors such as high temperature and organic acids.
Starch and glucose are fully consumed for on-time, clean, reliable fermentations.
Element enables plants to improve throughput by raising solids and improving plant efficiency – or finish fermentations as needed because of its flexibility in speed.
By leveraging the biological synergies and sustainability of Novozymes’ enzymes, yeast, and technical service platforms all together, ethanol producers can unlock more of their inputs to generate the highest levels of ethanol, expand diversification, lower their input costs, and achieve significant process efficiency gains.
“By adopting a holistic approach in developing technology platforms, broad biotechnology toolsets, and consistently launching breakthrough solutions, we aim to maximize opportunities for bioenergy producers,” added Brazeau.
“The launches of Innova Element advanced yeast, Fortiva Hemi, our newest liquefaction solution, and Fiberex F2.5 for fibre-to-low-carbon ethanol production, together deliver the most holistic, sustainable, and advanced approach to ethanol production – all based on customer needs and our commitment to a better tomorrow.”