KLM, Microsoft partner to increase use of sustainable aviation fuel

Dutch airline KLM has signed a Letter of Intent with global technology company Microsoft to advance sustainable air travel.

Under the agreement, Microsoft has committed to purchase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), building on KLM’s Corporate Biofuel Program. The SAF to be bought by Microsoft will equate to the total volume used on all flights undertaken by Microsoft employees between the US and the Netherlands on flights operated by KLM and Delta Airlines.

“Now Microsoft and KLM join forces, we have a real window of opportunity to accelerate the development of sustainable air travel,” commented Boet Kreiken, executive vice-president of customer experience at KLM. “Starting in 2009, KLM has been stimulating the development of a market for sustainable aviation fuel. KLM believes that medium- and long-term production of sustainable aviation fuel is extremely important for the airline industry to achieve its carbon dioxide reduction goals. Together with partners like Microsoft we can make this a reality so much sooner.”

The two companies also intent to explore areas that would further improve sustainability and reduce emission from air travel. Their joint aim is to ‘provide a blueprint that will engage other corporations to stimulate the demand for sustainable air travel solutions, and achieve ambitions to address their carbon footprint within their own supply chain’, according to a joint statement.

Eric Bailey, global travel director at Microsoft, added: “Small changes can have a big impact when it comes to climate change, especially when those changes are made by large global corporations. Since 2012, Microsoft employee travel has been carbon neutral. We’ve also taken steps to encourage the use of collaborative work tools, like Teams, to reduce the need to travel. Today represents a step change, where we’re moving beyond our employee impact, towards using our influence to drive industry-wide shifts reducing air travel emissions.”

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