Johnson Matthey launches new SAF production technology

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Johnson Matthey has unveiled new technology that will help enable the conversion of captured CO2 and green hydrogen into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
HyCOgen, a reverse water gas shift technology, combines with Fischer Tropsch technology (developed in collaboration with bp), to offer an integrated, scalable solution for use in the efficient and cost-effective production of SAF.
HyCOgen is a catalysed process to convert green hydrogen and CO2 into carbon monoxide, which is combined with additional hydrogen to form synthesis gas (syngas), a crucial building block in the manufacture of fuels and chemicals. The integration with the Fisher technology provides an end to end, optimised and highly scalable process that turns over 95% of the CO2 into high quality synthetic crude oil.
This synthetic crude oil can be further upgraded into sustainable drop-in fuel products including aviation fuels, renewable diesel and naphtha.
"Given the challenges associated with new propulsion technologies and airport infrastructure, plus the long asset life of aircraft, there are significant hurdles in moving from hydrocarbon-based aviation fuel to alternatives such as battery electric or hydrogen," said Jane Toogood, sector chief executive, Johnson Matthey.
"This is where Johnson Matthey's longstanding expertise and market-leading position in syngas generation technology can play a crucial role, by providing solutions that enable the production of sustainable drop-in fuels that are deployable today."