Gevo publishes IMPACT sustainability report

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Gevo has published IMPACT, a sustainability report which demonstrates its mission to be transparent on its environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) performance.

In addition to disclosing Gevo’s progress in 2020 and future goals, IMPACT shares details about the firm’s holistic approach to commercialising high-value nutritional products and ‘ground-breaking’ energy-dense, renewable transport fuels.

Gevo’s CEO, Patrick Gruber, said: “We have a way of transforming renewable energy into energy-dense liquids. As we do that, we pay attention to the whole picture; we intend to track it, make it incredibly transparent. The ESG report is an important part of that effort.

“It’s also about employees. We care about diversity in our workplace and bringing in the best skill sets we possibly can across the board. We are going to be a global company, and so for us, it’s incredibly important to build up our diversity in our workforce.”

IMPACT forecasts an ‘exciting’ future for Gevo. In conjunction with the firm’s pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for customers, the company is ‘passionate’ about lowering the carbon footprint of internal systems and products.

This new report also demonstrates the board of directors’ strong governance role in the effort to fight climate change. The firm believes its technology and systems approach will improve the environment and deliver social benefits to the wider world, and IMPACT provides a greater perspective on how Gevo plans to deliver those benefits.

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