Feedstock matrix

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A team from Net- Zero-Solution – a division of Channoil  Energy – examined  the rapid development of  advanced feedstock markets  covering the current regulatory  environment and the impact  it is having on advanced  feedstock availability.
The team then looked at the matrix of feedstock types that are emerging and examined some of the new arrivals on the scene.
They then reviewed the two key biofuel production technology alternatives – biological and thermochemical  – to determine if and  how they compete.
Regulatory environment
Biofuels are not always price competitive against fossil fuels. So, mandates are generally required to drive their uptake.
The US and Europe (EU and the UK) are the furthest ahead in setting requirements for the uptake of biofuels.
The EU under its latest release of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) has attempted to address some of the shortcomings to keep progressing with the decarbonisation agenda.
Key to this has been:  • The introduction of the crop  cap – a limit on production  met by crop-based fuels;  • Setting rules for the  minimum contribution ...

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