ePURE: New goals and Green Deal commitment

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The secretary general at ePURE has outlined the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead for the organisation in the next 12 months.
Emmanuel Desplechin said if 2020 saw the EU setting ambitious new goals in the fight against climate change, this year would be the year in which policymakers figured out how to realise those goals.
He continued: “It won’t be easy. In fact, it will require a full agenda of revisions of existing legislation on energy, environment and taxation.
“For the EU ethanol industry, this roadmap is full of twists and turns that could either: 1) open the door to greater use of renewable low-carbon fuels such as EU ethanol in the transport energy mix; or 2) once again revive arguments about the sustainability of certain biofuels and reject their use in favour of other technologies that are not yet scalable.
“Aiming for scenario number one – seen as necessary by international organisations such as the International Energy Agency and International “Renewable Energy Agency, which say global climate goals require a massive upscaling in biofuels – should be a no-brainer for the EU. After all, every year the European...

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