Distribution of Biofuels International during the Covid-19 outbreak

In light of the recent outbreak of Covid-19 (coronavirus), the Biofuels International team is thinking of all those affected by the virus. We understand that along with the impact on health, the virus is also causing major issues for industries and businesses.

We want to update our readers and advertisers on the plans for our Biofuels International distribution over the next few months.

March/April edition:

FO Lichts S and E China, Qindao, China April 22-24

10th European Algae Industry Summit, Reykjavík April 29-30

FO Lichts Sugar & Ethanol Brazil, Sao Paulo, June 2-4

ILTA, Houston, June 8-10

9th Geneva Biofuels Conf, October 1

May/June edition:

FEW, Minneapolis June 15-17

Oleafuels, Marseille, France June 24-25


Advanced Biofuels Conference, Stockholm, September 15-17

Biofuels International Conf/Expo, October 6-7

FO Licht Sugar and Ethanol Africa, Nairobi September 15-17

Algae Biomass Summit, California September 8-11


Datagro Sugar and Ethanol Brazil, Sao Paolo October 26-27

Biofuels International Conf/Expo October 6-7

9th Geneva Biofuels Conf, October 1