Australia and Ukraine contribute record quantities to German rapeseed market

Australia and Ukraine have contributed record levels to German rapeseed imports in February.
According to information published by the German Federal Statistical Office, the previously buoyant German rapeseed imports in the last 12 months marketing year continued into this year.
Market participants had feared that imports would decline sharply at the beginning of this year, because Ukrainian stocks were assumed to be sold out and Australia had a smaller harvest.
The fact that February imports of just over 560,000 tonnes were up a quarter year-on-year - hitting a record February high.
France contributed a smaller amount – of 79,300 tonnes – in February.
According to Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft, major rapeseed deliveries also came from Hungary, Canada and via the Netherlands.
However, Australia delivered by far the largest tonnage. The quantity, 122,500 tonnes, was even larger than in February 2019, when German imports from Australia amounted to 93.000 tonnes.
There were also extensive rapeseed deliveries from Ukraine, which amounted to 58,000 tonnes in February. This was 10 times the amount supplied in February 2019.
Canada appeared as a new supplier, not having played any role in the previous five years. The reason was the continuing trade restrictions between Canada and China, which led to the search for new markets in Europe.