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March 16, 2018
Renewable Identification Numbers produced at Velocys’ ENVIA Energy plant have been verified by an independent third party auditor. Auditing company Weaver has delivered the verification under the Quality Assurance Program approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Provided the Oklahoma City located ENVIA plant continues operating within... [Read More]

March 16, 2018
A representative from the US biodiesel industry has testified before the Ways and Means Subcommittee on the need to renew the biodiesel blender’s tax incentive through to at least 2018. Cal Meyer, CEO of Ag Processing, was acting as witness for the National Biodiesel Board (of which... [Read More]

March 14, 2018
Stakeholders in the US biodiesel industry have called for the biodiesel tax credit to be extended until 2018 “as soon as possible”. The call comes in a letter from the US National Biodiesel Board, addressed to a range of high-ranking US politicians including Speaker of the... [Read More]

March 14, 2018
UPM has joined forces with Norwegian packaging company Elopak and chemical producer Dow to convert its renewable naphtha into cartons. Alongside renewable diesel, the Finnish company’s UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery produces naphtha, an excellent raw material for bioplastics. The naphtha can be converted into renewable resins which can... [Read More]

March 6, 2018
The oil and gas company and its partner Synthetic Genomics has advanced to testing naturally occurring algae strains in California. The test will inform how the project scales up the technology in the commercial phase. The companies announced 6 March that their biofuels project has proceeded to... [Read More]

March 5, 2018
The mandate was increased 1 March after the country’s National Energy Policy Council approved the measure at the end of 2017. Brazil’s Ministry of Mines and Energy anticipates that the new blend will see demand for biodiesel grow by 1 billion litres in 2018.  This introduction of... [Read More]

March 2, 2018
A cap on RIN prices and a waiver of the Environmental Protection Agency’s E15 ban were discussed to try and reach a ‘win-win’ solution to the competing interests of Big Corn and Big Oil in the biofuels debate. The meeting was of a mix of industry... [Read More]

February 28, 2018
SIKB, a ‘network organisation’ based out of the Netherlands, has observed accelerated corrosion in uncoated steel tanks when they store biofuels and has released a report into the causes. The aim of the report is to adjust legislation related to storage, says the organisation. ... [Read More]

February 26, 2018
The US Department of Energy (DoE) has granted a team of researchers money to create enhanced sugarcane (also called ‘energycane’) and elephant grass to increase the production of green fuels. The new crops can reach up to 20% oil content, compared to less than an tenth... [Read More]

February 22, 2018
The Agron Bioenergy biodiesel production facility in Watsonville, California has reopened. Located in Monterey Bay area, the biofuel facility shut down in 2016. However, California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard has sparked new interest in biodiesel in California. Wall Lake, Iowa based Western Iowa Energy recently purchased the idled... [Read More]

February 21, 2018
Non-road engines conforming to exhaust emission category EU Stage IV are suitable for operation with pure biodiesel, claims new research. The University of Rostock research relates to EU Stage IV engines for industry and agriculture. Long-term studies and comparative measurements with fossil diesel fuel show that engine performance... [Read More]

February 19, 2018
An explosion at a Saipol oilseed factory in France has left two people dead, according to Reuters. Saipol is the oilseed branch of Avril, the largest biodiesel producer in Europe as well as France’s largest table oil producer. The explosion took place on 17 February at 10:00am, at... [Read More]

February 13, 2018
The US National Biodiesel Foundation is offering a $2,000 grant for student scientists interested in researching biodiesel sustainability. Dubbed the Beth Calabotta Sustainable Education Grant, the award is named after a chemical engineer at Monsanto who had a tenure as Director & Fellow of the company's Bioenergy... [Read More]

February 9, 2018
Foam Lake, Saskatchewan based Milligan Biofuels has entered receivership, according to local media. The biofuels producer was known for taking oilseeds destined for local farm pits and converting them into bioproducts, including biodiesel. Feedstocks included green, frost damaged and lower quality canola, according to 620ckrm. Last week, an... [Read More]

February 8, 2018
The US National Biodiesel Board (NBB) has been boosted by two new members: renewable energy consultants EcoEngineers, and logistics company Eagle Transport. “I’m very excited to have both EcoEngineers and Eagle Transport Corp. join our membership,” said Brad Shimmens, director of operations and membership at NBB, in... [Read More]

February 5, 2018
Finnish forest industry company and biofuel producer UPM has started an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for a possible biorefinery in Mussalo, Kotka, in the southeast of Finland. The proposed site is in the area of a dismantled power plant formerly run by the Pohjolan Voima energy... [Read More]

February 2, 2018
Contanda has officially withdrawn a permit application to handle and store crude oil at its Grays Harbor terminal in Washington, US. The storage and logistics service provider states that it now intends to pursue permits to expand the facility to handle and store a portfolio of... [Read More]