Renmatix and UPM team up for biochemical push

Finnish company UPM and US-based technology producer Renmatix have entered into a non-exclusive joint development agreement in the area of biochemicals.

Under terms of the agreement both companies will further develop Renmatix’s water-based Plantrose process to convert woody biomass into low-cost sugar intermediates for subsequent downstream processing.

The long-term goal of this partnership is to offer cost-competitive bio-alternatives for select petrochemicals on an industrial scale.

‘Access to second generation, lignocellulosic sugars through a process that uses almost no consumables is a crucial factor in our desire to work with Renmatix’s technology,’ says Michael Duetsch, UPM director of biochemicals.

The Plantrose process employs water at high temperatures and pressures to breakdown biomass through supercritical hydrolysis. Renmatix says under such conditions water can act as both a powerful solvent and catalyst.

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