Pacific Biodiesel makes first fuel delivery to power plant in Hawaii

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Pacific Biodiesel Technologies has made the first delivery of biodiesel to the Hamakua Energy power generation facility in Hawaii, US, as part of a supply contract signed in October.

Under the agreement, Pacific Biodiesel, which owns and operates the biodiesel refinery in Hawaii, will supply biodiesel for the Hamakua Energy power plant, a liquid-fuel-fired combined cycle power generation facility that sells power to Hawaii Electric Light Company.

The facility is able to provide 22% of Hawaii’s total generating capacity.

“Today’s delivery is especially exciting for our employees because the fuel we produce on this island will help generate power for customers in this community, including our own families here,” said Jenna Long, director of operations at Pacific Biodiesel. “Sustainability happens locally and this is an important step as we continue to support the state’s expanding use of renewable energy.”

The first delivery from Pacific Biodiesel totalled 6,500 gallons of 100% biodiesel. The company expects to make daily deliveries of its locally made biodiesel to the Hamakua Energy facility, all of which will be transported in biodiesel-fuelled trucks.

Allen Hess, plant manager for Hamakua Energy, added: “Keeping everything local is really nice. The fact that this fuel is produced right here and helps people in our community is a good thing. Our employees are proud to use this locally sourced renewable fuel.”