Hawaii’s Hamakua Energy inks biodiesel supply contract with Pacific Biodiesel Technologies

Pacific Current and Pacific Biodiesel Technologies have signed a biodiesel supply contract to increase the use of locally sourced renewable fuels and advance energy independence and security in Hawaii.

Under the terms of the agreement, Pacific Biodiesel Technologies, which owns and operates a biodiesel refinery on Hawaii, will supply biodiesel for Pacific Current’s Hamakua Energy power generation facility on the island.

The liquid fuel-fired combined cycle power generation plant sells power to Hawaii Electric Light Company under an existing power purchase agreement and provides around 22% of Hawaii’s generating capacity.

First delivery of biodiesel to the Hamakua Energy facility is slated for 4 November 2019.

“This contract is an important first step for our Hamakua Energy power generating facility to reduce the dependence on imported fossil fuels both at the generating facility and in the supply chain and to advance energy independence and energy security for our state,” said Scott Valentino, president of Pacific Current.

Fuel processed at Pacific Biodiesel’s refinery will be transported in biodiesel-fuelled trucks to the Hamakua Energy facility where the renewable fuel will be used to generate electricity for customers in Hawaii.

“Being on Hawaii Island, it’s very exciting that we can use this locally made biodiesel to generate power here to serve customers on this island,” Valentino continued. “That’s significant, especially as fuel and other supplies are shipped around the state and we always aim to reduce our environmental impact. We are focused on reducing the state of Hawaii’s dependence on imported fossil fuels and increasing local economic development opportunities.”

Pacific Biodiesel produces almost 5.5 million gallons per year of biodiesel at its refinery, sourced primarily from waste cooking oils that the company recycles from restaurants across the island.

“We applaud Pacific Current for their decision to choose locally made biodiesel, another significant step as Hawaii works toward a 100% renewable future,” said Robert King, founder and president of Pacific Biodiesel. “The biodiesel industry nationally continues to face significant financial hardship caused by sustained lack of federal renewable energy incentives. With this new contract, Pacific Biodiesel continues to sell its entire production to customers within Hawaii and furthers its ability to continue supporting the state with green jobs, energy security, consistent greenhouse gas reduction and direct displacement of imported fossil fuels.”

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