Biodiesel available from Lone Star Terminal

Biodiesel provider Gulf Hydrocarbon Partners has partnered with Akash Energy to resume operations at the Houston, Texas-based Lone Star Terminal, which now offers renewable and biodiesel.

The Lone Star Terminal has a total capacity of 6.7 million gallons, of which Gulf Hydrocarbon has leased 420,000 gallons of storage for biodiesel. It is hoped this new offering of biodiesel will provide retail stations and truck stops with easier access to biodiesel blends. The terminal will also improve availability for large fleet customers.

Gulf Hydrocarbon's logistics coordinator, Greg Reynolds, says: 'The demand for biodiesel from jobbers and distributors in the North Houston market has not been met – especially with regard to splash blending. We are hoping that the reopening of the Lone Star Terminal will make biodiesel practical again for these customers. We are also looking for strategic partners who can utilise existing storage for sales of regular diesel fuel to our biodiesel customers.'

All biodiesel at the terminal meets the latest ASTM D6751 standards.

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