American GreenFuels endeavour to promote biodiesel

According to New Haven Biz American GreenFuels has launched a campaign to increase the use of its biofuel and promote the role of alternative fuels in reducing carbon emissions.

The Bridgeport-based company that produces biodiesel in New Haven announced its “You Are What You Heat” campaign earlier this week. New Haven Biz say that the company hopes it will educate consumers on how its Bioheat oil can be used for home heating. The Bioheat heating oil typically consists of a minimum of two to five percent biodiesel and is made by using waste oils such as used cooking oil.   

Bioheat is a certified biodiesel produced by American GreenFuels, company President Raf Aviner told New Haven Biz, “Certified biodiesel from American GreenFuels meets specific standards and offers environmental benefits to consumers in Connecticut.”

“We hope consumer’s aske their home heating dealers to make sure they blend American GreenFuels biodiesel into their heating oil.” Aviner added.

Along with its parent company, Kolmar Americas, American GreenFuels state that it has quadrupled production capacity at its New Haven plant to make it the largest manufacturer of biodiesel in the Northeast. The facility has the capacity to produce approximately 40 million gallons of biodiesel per year and employs 40 people.   

American Greenfuels vice president and general counsel, Paul F. Teta said, “Our biodiesel plant has only been in operation since 2013 and during that time has made great progress in expanding its capacity and quality standards. Now with the help of Connecticut consumers, we can all work toward improving our environment.”