Volume 5, Issue 4
Published: May 26, 2011
This time last year things were looking good for European ethanol with two new major projects coming online within the first half of the year. Ensus had just begun fullscale... [Read more]
The EU has adopted a regulation that will see anti-dumping duties imposed on Canada, with the same countervailing rules that have been imposed on the US since 2009. The regulation came into force on 5... [Read more]
Monthly production averaging 67 million gallons is needed to hit the 800 million gallon Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS2) carved out for biodiesel in 2011, with the industry getting off to a slow start in... [Read more]
The free market, while desirable, is not always efficient in directing capital towards emerging technology and new innovations. A recent study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology1 shows... [Read more]
The biofuels sector had a slow start in Belgium, but now the industry is starting to pick up. The total production capacities in Belgium are 490 million litres of ethanol and 700,000 tonnes of biodiesel.... [Read more]
As soon as July 2011, the ground beneath the ethanol industry could shake across Europe. At the beginning of May, after a two-year investigation, the European Commission (EC) decided the issue of indirect... [Read more]
The value of current assets will play an important role in investor financing decisions and in directing financing institutions. The tools of the machinery and equipment appraiser are helpful in spotting... [Read more]
A broker’s role is to examine and interpret trends, not to make predictions. There is no crystal ball, and in commodities the only certainty is uncertainty. This being said, there are some compelling... [Read more]
Between 2001 and 2007, when plant construction was booming, EPC contractors enjoyed using their bargaining power to negotiate favourable contracts. Like many industries, biofuels has gone through a period... [Read more]