Volume 4, Issue 2
Published: March 5, 2010
The final rule for the renewable fuel standard (RFS2) was eventually issued by the EPA on 3 February this year. While the required total volume of renewable fuels produced in 2010 remains the same at 12.95... [Read more]
QWhich country has the most agricultural potential for biomass to energy projects? A The boom of biodiesel and biogas has made Germany the leading producer and user of agro-biomass for energetic purposes... [Read more]
Preol, a leading producer in the Czech Republic, has just completed constructing a state-of-theart fully integrated biodiesel plant in the industrial region of Lovosice. Although the company was founded... [Read more]
A t just fi ve years old Scandinavian Biogas comes into an established market with new technology and an expanding business model. The company optimises the production of biogas at wastewater treatment... [Read more]
According to Article 17 § 9 of Directive 2009/28/EC the European Commission needs to submit a report to the European Parliament and the Council on sustainability for biomass used in heating, cooling or... [Read more]
The Renewable Energy Directive, approved on 17 December 2008 defi nes that 20% of the EU fi nal energy consumption must be derived from renewable sources. The Directive also sets a mandatory 10% minimum... [Read more]
After much delay, the US EPA finalised rules on 3 February that implement key provisions of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, with the regulations certifying soya-based biodiesel as a qualifying... [Read more]
The industrial revolution of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries propelled the use of coal as a fuel source, enveloping cities in a blackened cloak. This and petroleum-based fuels were substrates... [Read more]
More than two million tonnes of European biodiesel have been cleared via CME ClearPort less than 10 months after the contracts were first listed. Over 360,000m3 of European ethanol were also cleared within... [Read more]
Corn stover, bagasse and straw are all produced in huge quantities wherever corn, sugarcane and grain are grown for ethanol production. Growing oil seeds also produces a remarkable amount of stalks, leaves... [Read more]
Belarus A new enlarged biodiesel production factory will start production in Grodno in mid-2010. This factory will be operated by company Azot and production capacity will be 60,000 tonnes of FAME a year.... [Read more]
I n a process known as catalysis, a relatively small amount of foreign material, or catalyst, participates in the chemical reaction but is not consumed by the reaction itself. A catalyst can make a reaction... [Read more]
With new figures indicating that a quarter of the US entire grain crop was turned into ethanol last year, the controversial subject of food versus fuel is still underlying in biofuel breakthroughs. The... [Read more]
The majority of global biodiesel producers use a transesterification process to convert various vegetable oils and fats to biodiesel. The process involves the use of a catalyst along with methanol to convert... [Read more]