Volume 3, Issue 9
Published: November 30, 2009
While first generation industries receive mixed support from the US government, investors from private industry and government are voting in favour of nextgeneration biofuels. In the private sector,... [Read more]
US biodiesel has seen a pickup in trade in early Q4, and investment in production is also on the up. The industry has suffered more than most in what has turned out to be the worst recession in the... [Read more]
After a difficult year for ethanol producers in Brazil, the market seems, once again, to be on the up. Brazil’s ethanol industry has been booming over the past decade, with production growing by an... [Read more]
New environmental protection proposals in Brazil should help prove sugarcane ethanol does not pose a threat to food production and biodiversity. Brazilian sugarcane ethanol is largely regarded as the... [Read more]
Well-known for its success in the ethanol sector, Brazil is now also three years ahead of schedule for using B5 biodiesel blends. Brazil stands out on the global stage for its diversified renewable... [Read more]
Demand and production of bioethanol will continue to increase as nations seek renewable fuel sources and the industry finds viable feedstocks and more efficient means of production. One of the most... [Read more]
Many names have been thrown at the biofuels industry. Harsh critics would say it has raped the land, others would say it has reaped potential from the neglected agricultural wastelands. Well-known to... [Read more]
In contrast to conventional diesel biodiesel turns rancid after a while, just like natural vegetable oils. Ageing results from the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid esters present in the biodiesel and... [Read more]
There is no denying that high profile bankruptcies such as that of VeraSun in April have left their mark. Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the company had 16 plants in eight US states and was building... [Read more]
Biodiesel is made from a variety of feedstocks needing different treatment before transesterification can take place. Some oils, especially recycled oils from catering or grease from meat processing, may... [Read more]
Small scale biogas plants have been around for 150 years. For farms and food companies producing liquid waste, anaerobic digestion (AD) offers an ideal solution for generating renewable fuel for combined... [Read more]