Volume 3, Issue 7
Published: September 14, 2009
Renewable Energy Directive Although the Renewable Energy Directive is now in place work does not stop there. The European institutions are working hard to fill the remaining gaps in the legislation and... [Read more]
On 6 August two US Senators, one Democrat the other Republican, introduced legislation that would convert the $1 gallon (€0.61) credit for blending biodiesel into diesel fuel into a production credit... [Read more]
Canada’s fi rst canolabased biodiesel Milligan Bio-Tech producer opened its 10 million litre-a-year fl agship optimisation facility in July in Saskatchewan province, as a fi rst step to ensuring the... [Read more]
In December 2006 the Canadian government announced that by 2010 it would require 5% average renewable content in petroleum by 2010 and signalled its intention to develop a similar requirement of 2% renewable... [Read more]
GIiven the vast open spaces allocated to corn and wheat farming in Canada, it may appear surprising that the Canadian biofuels industry is not larger. Ethanol production capacity in Canada currently stands... [Read more]
In the space of a decade biodiesel has turned from a virtually unknown product into a significant fuel on the market. After many years of research, process improvement and quality standardisation, it was... [Read more]
In July the European Biodiesel Board (EBB) reported that about half of EU biodiesel capacity is idle, and just two months before this the US National Biodiesel Board (NBB) had a similarly discouraging... [Read more]
Imagine a plant which had all the ideal attributes of a second-generation biodiesel feedstock. Aside from producing huge quantities of oil, it would also be a hardy perennial, since perennial crops are... [Read more]
Biorefineries are popping up all over the map. Geographically the more publicised facilities and research projects are situated in South and North America, home to the strongest ethanol markets in the... [Read more]
Based on an extensive series of site visits, surveys, and interviews with algae companies published in a new management study titled Algae 2020 from strategy consultancy Emerging Markets Online has determined... [Read more]