Volume 3, Issue 10
Published: January 4, 2010
In 2008 the EU produced around 2.8 billion litres of fuel ethanol, which represents a growth of roughly 58% compared to the previous year. The major share of this was distilled from cereals1 that account... [Read more]
It was a tough 2009 for the US biodiesel industry, beset with regulatory delay and uncertainty, lost imports due to anti-dumping tariffs, high feedstock costs and constricted demand by what has been called... [Read more]
The US ethanol industry was expecting to hear news this month on whether it would see ethanol blend rates rise from E10 to E15, but the EPA has now delayed this decision until mid-2010. The EPA says it... [Read more]
At the moment USproduced biodiesel qualifies for a $1.00 (€0.70) per gallon excise tax credit, but this is set to expire on 31 December 2009. The industry is pushing for a five year tax extension that... [Read more]
China is renown for being cautious when it comes to biofuels. With 20% of the world’s population to feed, diverting foodcrops to fuel production has been an intensely controversial issue. So much so... [Read more]
The unique formula of coinciding a conference on the biofuels sector in Asia with one on the storage terminal industry worked well and attracted a wide variety of delegates such as traders, storage operators,... [Read more]
Biofuel use has grown at a modest pace in China and northern Asia over the past year due to a shortage of feedstock materials and a lack of support from oil companies in several markets. Although governments... [Read more]
While other continents focus on crops like corn, sugarcane, rapeseed or soyabean north Asia’s abundant and fertile land is home to promising non-edible feedstocks. The most commonly-used feedstocks are... [Read more]
It is the world’s big green dream team – a major oil and gas producer partnering with a biotechnology company producing renewable fuels, which will eventually edge dirty fossil fuels out of the market.... [Read more]
In 1998, vehicle engine manufacturers embarked on an introduction of a Worldwide Fuel Charter in an attempt to set international fuel standards. As advanced and ultra-clean vehicle technologies are introduced,... [Read more]
Corn has long been the staple grain of the US ethanol industry, but now it seems the golden days are over. The economic crisis hit the industry hard and as a result halted investments in technology that... [Read more]
The ethanol industry experienced a red year in 2009 with plants facing bankruptcy and an escalation in raw material costs putting strain on profit margins. In order to survive, or thrive in the case of... [Read more]
You cannot see it when it burns, and 100ml can kill you, that is if the 200mph Indy Car does not do it first. Replacing methanol with biomethanol is challenging one pillar of the biofuels industry –... [Read more]