Volume 2, Issue 3
Published: July 1, 2008
Looking back at EU feedstock use throughout 2007, it is clear that unlike other continents, Europe is everything but a biofuels monoculture ... [Read more]
The rapid rise in fuel prices in South Africa has made the biodiesel market viable sooner than expected, explains Colin Crabtree, general manager at Sato Biodiesel ... [Read more]
Feedstock flexibility and availability are not the only considerations when building a biodiesel plant ... [Read more]
The term food-versus-fuel has become something of a cliché now, a convenient alliteration that rolls off the tongue. A cliché it may be, but one that can hardly have stronger meaning than it does... [Read more]
Europe's largest centre for petroleum products was host to the first Biofuels International expo & conference in June ... [Read more]
Unlike the vertical integration model common in the petroleum industry, the biofuels market is more disparate. With the exception of blending, all other aspects of the production chain are usually carried... [Read more]
Biodiesel producers are no longer scratching their heads over the question of what to do with glycerine, but looking at ways to make the most of its multi-market appeal ... [Read more]
The answer to nearly every biofuels sustainability question at the moment is second generation biofuels. But are they a viable option and how long will the market have to wait? Brian Warshaw takes a look... [Read more]
The number of biocrude projects has increased rapidly over recent months as petroleum companies seek to integrate biomass into existing petrol infrastructure ... [Read more]
A monitoring programme is one of the easiest ways of cutting costs during production ... [Read more]
Standards exist to provide stability, yet sometimes they need to change to suit new circumstances. Without fuel standards for biofuels, engine design would be almost impossible ... [Read more]
By being able to receive faster test results during plant commissioning, companies are able to save both time and expense ... [Read more]
In a published paper on biodiesel blend quality submitted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory1 in the US, the chief problem found was inaccurate blend ratios ... [Read more]
Blending recipes for biofuels are fairly similar throughout the industry but as companies create more diverse proprietary flex-fuels for special applications, assuring consistent long-term product quality... [Read more]