Volume 12, Issue 1
Published: January 24, 2018
Key figures from the biofuels industry give their thoughts and insights on the coming year. Read what experts from Praj Industries, UPM, EWABA, ePure, the National Biodiesel Board and more think the challenges... [Read more]
Fossil based resources currently make up the majority of the feedstocks used to produce fuels, chemicals and materials, representing a series of environmental and economic challenges. These include issues... [Read more]
Long gone are the days of napkins and plastic straws being caught in the feedstock pretreat strainers, but what has been learned from those type of experiences carries on through present day. Lake Erie... [Read more]
Typically, biotech processes are difficult to scale up and it is a challenge to convert lab scale knowledge into industrial scale practice. Piloting plays a key role in closing the critical gap between... [Read more]
Ethanol production today is not the same as it was thirty, twenty or even five years ago. While the basics of brewing are the same as they have been for thousands of years – pretreatment, saccharification,... [Read more]
Biofuels progressin South America shows many favourable signs. There is certainly no lack of opportunity or ambition for biofuels developers in South America, with Brazil in particular driving towards... [Read more]
At a time when ethanol production globally is expected to double in volume over the next dozen years, Brazil’s significant experiences in sugarcane ethanol production are relevant for other developing... [Read more]
Sugarcane is one of the major feedstocks used in the production of ethanol, accounting for 80% of the sugar produced worldwide. According to the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2016, around 22% of the total... [Read more]
Volatility in the US biodiesel market intensified in December following the November 30 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) final rule on mandated demand for renewable fuels in 2018. The agency did not... [Read more]