Volume 11, Issue 4
Published: July 17, 2017
Last year, Emily Skor started her role as CEO of Growth Energy – a trade body that represents US ethanol producers. Here, Liz Gyekye catches up with her. How has your first year been in your role?... [Read more]
Uganda has joined the growing number of African countries moving to put in place legislations requiring the blending of biofuels into fossil fuels – a crucial stage in attaining sustainable development... [Read more]
Pacific Biodiesel Technologies (PBT) celebrated the four month anniversary of its first Maui biofuel crop project in June. In February, PBT founders Bob and Kelly King were joined by invited guests, including... [Read more]
Bioenergy, a unit of Colombian state-run oil major Ecopetrol, has begun commercial production at El Alcaravan, the Andean nation’s largest ethanol plant, raising the prospect of higher blends of... [Read more]
I once met a guy – nice guy, pony tail, dislike of socks, full beard, youknow, a typical biodiesel consultant (we shall call him Bruce), who told me, “You know Karl, pretty mucheveryone in... [Read more]
Biofuel is becoming increasingly popular as a valid alternative fuel similar to conventional or ‘fossil’ diesel. Biofuel can be produced from straight vegetable oil,animal oil/fats, tallow... [Read more]
There has been a considerable focus in recent years onthe production o fadvanced biofuels, also known as cellulosic biofuels, and biomass-derived chemicalsin biorefining processes.These technologies use... [Read more]
The production ofcarinata is being trialled as part of aglobal expansion programme being run by Agrisoma Biosciences, a Quebec-based companywhich is pioneering the crop’s development. Already grown... [Read more]
Biomass for energy production ranges from various types of agricultural wastes to industrial residues;that is, paper production or a brewery’s waste and wastewater. Unique tothis variety of biomass... [Read more]
Jatropha is here to stay, conquering all of the odds stackedagainst it. This is a welcome reality. Crop and agronomic research on jatropha has progressed in a structured way, thanks to the efforts of companies... [Read more]
A unique international partnership hasled to the 2017 breakthrough invalorising second generation drought resilient oleaginous crop: Jatropha Curcas Linnaeus. Jatropha, labelled as “The plant with... [Read more]
Jatropha curcas L. (JCL) was hailed as a “miraclecrop” about ten years ago, but it wasn’t. It was sold as a biodiesel feedstock before enough scientific knowledge had been gathered about... [Read more]