Volume 10, Issue 6
Published: November 14, 2016
The higher cost of biodiesel compared with petroleum-based diesel fuel,e specially in the third year of low global crude oil prices, requires a bridge to incentivise demand, and for several years the biodiesel... [Read more]
These days, many ethanol plants are searching for systems that combine purchasing and maintenance management into one. For the past twenty years, Mapcon Technologies has offered purchasing within itscomputerised... [Read more]
Seventy million. That is the average number of cups of coffee the UK drinks every day.That equals a lot of waste, but a young entrepreneur has found a solution to tackle the problem. In fact, Arthur Kay,... [Read more]
As the world runsout of oil and gas, it urgently needs to find alternative fuel supplies. Research at Teesside University holds some of the answers. For the past ten years, Maria Olea, a professor in chemical... [Read more]
The smartest technologies in asociety deliver benefits to multiple interests, including improved economy, and produce a positive impact on the environment. Biodiesel is one of several alternative fuels... [Read more]
The North American biodiesel industry is currently in a strong position for tremendous growth. We continue to see bi-partisan support in Congress, science again affirmed biodiesel as a viable option for... [Read more]
One of the most talked about issuesrelated to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) in recent months is the debate over whether to change the point of obligation (PO). That is to say to change the point in... [Read more]
Unlike biorefining, petrochemical refining has had many well funded decades to optimise downstream processes and by-products, turning non-core fractions and sidestreams into valued outputs to complement... [Read more]
October marked apivotal month for climate action, with nearly 90 nations supporting the Paris Agreement and allowing it to officially enter into force on 4November, 2016. In a historical first, countries... [Read more]
While the realisation of the bioeconomy is well underway, there remain vital needs in order for this budding industry to grow in the most carefully considered way. It has a high potential to bring positive... [Read more]
Biofuel heavyweights from all over the world converged on Ghent for the 9th Biofuels International Conference & Expo from 20-22 September, 2016. One topic on everyone’s lips was the issue of... [Read more]
Today’s biofuels market is a race to improve efficiencies and expand production. Producers are constantly evaluating new technology options, equipment additions,and process changes.All these projects... [Read more]