Volume 10, Issue 3
Published: April 29, 2016
Spot values for soyamethyl ester B100 biodiesel arced higher early in the second quarter, with the advance running contrary to the petroleum-based diesel market that faded from March highs amid weak demand... [Read more]
The signing in April of a new tax credit by the US state of Iowa, relating to the production of renewable chemicals, could have a significant impact on local businesses across the state’sbio-based... [Read more]
2016 is a crucial yearfor decarbonising UK transport with the government preparing to consult on legislative changes to the RenewableTransport Fuel Obligation(RFTO), a policy whose aimis to increase the... [Read more]
US aircraft manufacturing giant Boeing is working with strategic partners to generate sustainable aviation biofuels capable of reducing carbon emissions and providing energy diversification. Liz Gyekye... [Read more]
Canadian Enerkem’s commercial-scale waste-to-biofuels and chemicals facility in Edmonton, Alberta,Canada, was inaugurated in 2014. The project is considered the world’s first major collaboration... [Read more]
In March 2016, Scotland burned its last lump of coal for electricity as Longannet Power Station – once the largest energy plant in Europe– was decommissioned. In England, Eggborough inYorkshire... [Read more]
ICM celebrated its twentiethanniversary last year. Liz Gyekye spoke to chief executive officer Dave VanderGriend to find out how the company has evolved. How did you get into the ethanol industry?I got... [Read more]
One of the process steps for ethanol production is the removal of water from the biofuel. Special techniques have therefore been developed to remove the water, known as drying. The Ronning rotary waste... [Read more]
It is not hard to see why most US ethanol producers have added corn oil production to their operations over the past five ears. Corn oil broadens the co-product mix and enhances plant operating income.This... [Read more]
The pulp and papers ector is unique in that it has already developed the technology, infrastructure,and the supply chain that is able to process largeamounts of biomass at high throughputs. However, for... [Read more]
The production o fbioethanol has been around for a number of years and efficiencies have grown leapsand bounds. But what can the industry do in order to stay ahead of the curve andnot fall behind? One... [Read more]
These days, just about everythinghas gone mobile,and computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) are no exception. A good mobile CMMS can make a plantrun more efficiently by making it possible to... [Read more]
A demographic shiftis taking place that is creating challenges for the biodiesel industry. As a generation of skilled workers embark on their retirement, a wealth of experience and expertise is being lost.... [Read more]