Why the industry likes Biofuels International Magazine…
‘I assess Biofuels International for its forward looking, profound articles. They cover a wide range of biofuels related themes. It is reliable source which is of vital importance in a still volatile commodity driven market’

Falk von Kriegsheim, Head of Investor Relations, Petrotec AG

‘Biofuels International is an excellent one stop shop for keeping up-to-date on industry news, issues and legislation – it’s always in my briefcase for a transatlantic fl ight. With objective and comprehensive coverage of both current and emerging topics, Biofuels International provides an excellent way of keeping in touch with new developments in the sector in general’

Hamish Curran, CEO, TMO Renewables

‘Biofuels International is the go to publication in our offi ces for up-to-date information on our fast changing industry. They produce timely and relevant pieces and have always proven to be knowledgeable partners in the biofuels industry’

Alberto Pinto, President and CEO, Pure Biofuels

‘Essential reading for leaders in the biofuels industry’

Richard Sammons, Chief Executive, Simon Storage

‘As trade magazines go, I think Biofuels International is better than most. For time short executives, it delivers the right balance of industry news, regulatory and supplier information. I like the way each addition focuses on a specifi c region, feedstock and / or technology. If you are involved in the biofuels space, all of it is relevant, because ultimately, the future energy mix will comprise many different things, all competing with each other. I should add the quality and presentation are also good’

Oliver Hancock, MD, 3B Biofuels

‘Biofuels International is a great magazine to contribute to because we know it is read by key industry players. On top of that BFI’s editorial team is a knowledgeable partner to work with and always strikes an excellent balance between in-depth articles and short news updates, which are highly relevant for the sector’

Robert Vierhout, Secretary-General, eBIO (European Bioethanol Fuel Association)