Worley wins project for SAF facility in UK

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Worley has been awarded a front-end engineering and design (FEED) services contract by Alfanar for a low-carbon fuels project in Teesside, UK.
The project, known as Lighthouse Green Fuels, will convert residual solid waste into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and green naphtha.
The project will process approximately one million tonnes of residual solid waste every year – such as municipal solid waste, refuse-derived fuel or solid recovered fuel – into approximately 3,200 bbl/day of SAF and green naphtha.
These fuels have the potential to produce 80 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to current fossil fuels.
The plant is expected to enter commercial operations in 2027, following the scheduled start-up of the first Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) carbon cluster in Teesside.
Under the contract, Worley will provide FEED services to develop the existing early front-end engineering package and integrate the licensor scope to provide a greater level of definition to the project. The services will be led by Worley’s offices in the UK with support from specialists around the world and Worley’s Global Integrated Delivery team.
“The UK has an opportunity to be at the forefront of the SAF sector, with its access to suitable feedstocks and planned carbon capture infrastructure. Alfanar has committed to the next major phase of the Lighthouse Green Fuels plant by awarding Worley the FEED contract. We chose Worley because of its commitment to supporting sustainable projects and significant experience with delivering complex megaprojects,” said Noaman Aladhami, UK country manager, Alfanar Energy.
“Our work with Alfanar on this important project will contribute to the decarbonization of air and road transportation. Low-carbon fuels is a strategic priority for Worley and we look forward to supporting Alfanar in its energy transition journey, while remaining aligned with our purpose of delivering a more sustainable world,” saddedBradley Andrews, president at Worley.

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