World Fuels Services supplied SAF for Royal tour

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World Fuel Services Corporation revealed that it supplied Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to the Royal Air Force (RAF) Brize Norton last year.
This was in support of the The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall when they embarked on the first leg of their royal tour last autumn.
This flight is one of the many activities that World Fuel and Neste have taken to support the development of SAF, including working with the Jet Zero Council, the SAF delivery group.
"World Fuel is proud to support RAF Brize Norton in demonstrating the capability of SAF by supplying one of the UK's official planes. We applaud the actions taken by the RAF to include SAF in its plans today and in the future as it raises global awareness of aviation's progress in sustainability," said Michael J. Kasbar, chairman and CEO, World Fuel Services. "We are a long-time supporter of the wider adoption of lower-carbon fuels such as SAF, which we believe will serve to accelerate the aviation industry's ability to achieve net zero goals."
Neste's market-leading SAF is fully certified for use and produced from 100% renewable and sustainable waste and residue raw materials, such as used cooking oil and animal fat waste.
"Neste is committed to helping aviation with its emission reduction targets," said Jonathan Wood, Neste's vice president of Europe, Renewable Aviation. "We're delighted to see the RAF using our sustainable aviation fuel as it emphasizes that SAF will play a key role in long-term reduction in net emissions and climate change effects from aviation. Neste is investing to increase supply to 1.5m tonnes per annum by 2023, and we look forward to governments putting in place supportive policies to promote the use of sustainable aviation fuel."

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