Wizz Air invests in UK-based biofuels company

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Wizz Air has announced a £5 million (€5.65 million) investment in Firefly - a UK-based biofuel company.
This is the airline’s first equity investment in the research and development of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
The announcement supports Wizz Air’s broader sustainability strategy, which includes an ambitious fleet renewal programme.
The partnership with Firefly will allow Wizz Air to supply SAF to its UK operations from 2028, produce up to 525,000 tonnes of SAF over a 15-year period and save 1.5 million tonnes of CO2-eq.
Firefly Green Fuels has supplied equipment to over 80 countries where it is used to process waste cooking oil into sustainable biofuels, typically blended into road fuels. To date, this production has offset around 6.5m tonnes of C02-eq.
Firefly is commercialising a process that converts wet waste materials, such as sewage sludge, into sustainable aviation fuel.

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