Why recycling used cooking oil into biodiesel is better for the environment

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Recycling cooking oil into biodiesel is a more environmentally friendly alternative to other fossil fuels.
The high energy demand in the industrialised world as well as domestic has continued to cause environmental pollution problems.
All fossil fuels produce detrimental public health risks as well as have destructive effects on global warming. In an age where the world is facing climate change, it is important that we consider all possible alternatives for fuel.
Currently, the most common fossil fuel used in cars are gasoline and diesel which emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide when burned. Bio-diesel on the other hand does not release these gases but instead releases water vapour and CO2 due to its chemical makeup of being made up of organic compounds from vegetable or animal oils or fats.

What are the common uses for biodiesel

Biodiesel is used as an alternative to conventional diesel in engines of vehicles like buses, trucks, tractors and boats. It can be used on its own or blended with conventional fuel.
Biofuel is considered to have much less...

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