What’s in storage for biofuels?

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Nordic Storage explains how the storing of biofuels has grown in importance over recent years in a wide-ranging interview with Biofuels International
Nordic Storage is part of HG Storage International Limited (HGSI). Can you tell us more about HGSI and Nordic Storage?
HG Storage International Limited (HG) is a global portfolio of high-calibre gas and liquid petroleum products storage and logistics businesses located in strategic trading hubs. The terminals offer the reliable receipt, storage, and distribution of products. HGSI is committed to continuously focus on and develop the approach to sustainability. With eight terminals across five continents, HGSI has over 3 million m3 of storage capacity and Nordic Storage AB accounts for a third of the total capacity with over 1 million m3. This makes the firm one of the largest bulk liquid storage companies in Scandinavia. Nordic Storage owns and operates terminals in Scandinavia, located in Sweden and Denmark. All our terminals are strategically situated along the Baltic Sea and the Danish straits. Nordic Storage has extensive experience and knowledge in handling and storing various products, including...

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