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Sarah Ellerby, the CEO of Nova Pangaea Technologies
Sarah Ellerby, the CEO of Nova Pangaea Technologies
Redcar-based Nova Pangaea Technologies converts unwanted plant biomass into natural platform chemicals and biofuels. We spoke to Sarah Ellerby, the company’s CEO
1. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a bit more about Nova Pangaea Technologies?
I was born and bred in Yorkshire and just returned to the area after 18 years in in the US. I’ve worked across broad industries as a chief executive, such as oil and gas, mining and manufacturing, and specialise in growth, commercialisation and turnaround. At Nova Pangaea Technologies, the team has created an end-to-end proprietary and patented process called REFNOVA™ that converts biomass residues into biofuels and natural chemicals. Our business model is an overarching licensing model of the REFNOVA process, with an underpinning service offering of engineering, for plant design, procurement, optimisation, and integration for our customers.
2. Your proprietary patented process converts non-food plant residues into biofuels. Can you explain how this works?
REFNOVA takes unwanted plant biomass and, using no GMO enzymes or bacteria, converts these materials into a multitude of natural...

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Sarah Ellerby, the CEO of Nova Pangaea Technologies