VolkerFitzpatrick and Green Biofuels unite to reduce carbon emissions

The two companies have teamed up
The two companies have teamed up
Green Biofuels, a provider of low emission fossil-free fuel for fleet and infrastructure operators, has teamed up to reduce carbon emissions across VolkerFitzpatrick’s UK Rail enterprise.
GreenD+ is the leading hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel that significantly reduces notrogen oxide and total particulates, as well as carbon emissions, giving the lowest emission of any advanced fuel for replacing standard diesels in plant and equipment on construction sites.
Crucially, Green D+ can be used without any changes to equipment or fuel tanks meaning companies can take climate change action with no costly upgrades to machinery or equipment.
VolkerFitzpatrick is the first construction company to adopt Green D+ across its entire rail network. This includes multiple ongoing rail infrastructure projects at Water Beach and Littleport with one recently completed at Kings Lynn; a new train station at Brent Cross West; station upgrades to Dagenham East and facilitating the RAF airbase extension at Lossiemouth, Scotland.
The adoption of Green D+ will reduce VolkerFitzpatrick’s overall emissions in excess of 4,000 metric tonnes per annum.
Green D+ is aligned with each of the Mayor of London, TfL and Network Rail’s separate policies to reduce transport’s contribution to climate change with the use of, amongst other initiatives, biofuels.
Specifically, in line with the Mayor’s proposal for solutions which are price competitive with conventional technology, Green D+ enables construction and infrastructure operators to switch from conventional road vehicles to low CO2- emitting transport and low carbon fuel sources without any change to equipment or fuel tanks.
Green D+ has already been widely adopted in the UK as a drop-in diesel replacement by centrally fuelled fleets – on-road, off-road and in back-up power applications, where it helps to meet the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) and the Non-Road Mobile Machinery requirements for improved air quality.
William Tebbit, CEO of Green Biofuels, said: “VolkerFitzpatrick is a market leading business that has the vision and integrity to adopt GreenD+ across its business. We hope that our customers, who have already reduced CO2 emissions by 53,000 metric tonnes to date, will build up to over 250,000 metric tonnes over the next year as GreenD+ continues to replace standard dirty diesels.
“The advantage of using our fuel is that it has an immediate impact on air quality, something we all aspire to.”

The two companies have teamed up