Virginia’s first ethanol plant nears operation

Ethanol producer Osage Bio Energy, headquartered in Glen Allen, Virginia, US, is currently building the state’s first ethanol plant, which is due to be operational by July this year.

Located in Hopewell the Appomattox Bio Energy plant will produce 65 million gallons of ethanol from 30 million bushels of barley each year as well as protein feed when running at full capacity.

John Warren, director of government relations and project development for the company, said: ‘We’ll be putting out some product by the end of July, but we probably won’t be putting out any real commercial capacity until sometime in August.’

The plant faced major delays earlier this year due to two months of unforgiving snow in the Richmond region but Warren assures: ‘We are working as fast and as hard as we can.’

The biofuel, which will be blended with petrol, will be sold to local markets generating almost $2 million (€1.58 million) in tax revenue for the company.

Local farmers are expected to begin harvesting the barley this month.

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