Veritas with gravitas

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The first quarter of this year was one of the most significant milestones concerning the accelerated progress towards achieving global CO2 reduction.
In recent months, major airlines have reported they are trialling the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on commercial flights.
This development is significantly helping the aviation industry accelerate its use. Supporting the decarbonisation of the aviation industry, Bureau Veritas – through its global laboratory network – has drafted a study based on analysis carried out by its oil and gas laboratory in Antwerp.

A comparative analysis was undertaken to evaluate the tests currently available on the market and how they can be optimised to produce the highest quality SAF. The primary intention of the study was to provide independent guidance for private and governmental companies as they develop SAF programmes.
Application of GCxGCMS/ FID/SCD and ASTM D2425 to the analysis of hydrocarbon types in SAF
The roadmap set by...

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