VERBIO plant to operate as biorefinery in 2023

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VERBIO’s Nevada plant will begin operating as a biorefinery early next year.

The plant began producing renewable natural gas (RNG) on an industrial scale in December and is on track to achieve full scale production of 7 million ethanol gallons equivalent (EGE) of RNG annually by mid-summer.

Claus Sauter, VERBIO AG’s Founder and CEO, said: “This plant is a game changer. With the right biofuels policies in place, we believe Iowa and the US have immense potential and we are committed to working with those of you in this audience and others to create conditions where we can grow and everyone benefits.”

The plant will produce 19 million EGE of RNG and 60 million gallons of corn-based ethanol annually.
The integration of RNG and ethanol production, unique to VERBIO, incorporates advanced operational technology to build on the company’s successful experiences in Europe.

Collaboration between VERBIO and Alliant Energy led to the opening of the facility, which Alliant Energy serves with both natural gas and electric service. Renewable natural gas from the VERBIO Nevada Biorefinery is injected into an Alliant Energy pipeline before being distributed across the country.
Alliant Energy delivers the energy from the production at the facility to its natural gas customers in Iowa.

“The innovative commitment to sustainability by Alliant Energy and VERBIO ensures the safe and cost-effective delivery of renewable natural gas for customers,” said Terry Kouba, senior vice president at Alliant Energy and President of the Iowa Utility company.
“We’re excited to welcome VERBIO to Iowa and proud to support economic development in the state. It’s all part of Alliant Energy’s purpose to serve customers and build stronger communities.”