‘Ushering in the biodiesel switch’

William Tebbitt, CEO of Green Biofuels, looks closer at the energy transition strategy announcements from major companies that may come in the next 12 months.
He added that he hoped we would see not only infrastructure and construction projects committing to the use of alternative and transition fuels to usher in that change, but other sectors, such as supermarkets announcing their plans for reducing their emissions.
He said: “We have to remember that there is not one silver bullet for the scale of the environmental problem we face, we cannot get rid of all our existing assets – trucks will still be in use in 2021, for example, but a mixed energy solution, which avoids an increase in our carbon footprint will be a necessity. “The conversation should also start moving away from how consumers directly use fuels, to the use of fuels in the supply chains that are still vital to our lives, such as in data centres and home deliveries.
“We need to ensure that our reliance on technology and our convenience economy does not become our next big dirty secret.
“As we try and avoid a recession, it is essential that people understand that clean fuel and...

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