Used cooking oil collection trial expanded in Germany

Picture courtesy of MVaK
Picture courtesy of MVaK
The collection of used cooking oil (UCO) from households has been recently tested in Germany.
Lesch Altfettrecycling and the MVaK association have become project partners in the Every Drop Counts project.
This project has been hailed a success in the communities in which it was tested, with the cities of Erlangen and Fürth taking the decision to further expand the collection of UCO.
During the 18-month pilot project, residents of the districts of Erlangen, Fürth and Roth, in Bavaria, were given 1.2-liter reusable collection containers and collection machines were set up in the test regions.
Filled collection containers were able to be exchanged for empty ones. The collected quantities of UCO exceeded the expectations after a short time.
At the same time, many municipalities from other regions of Germany have shown interest in introducing their own collection systems.
“The interest in expanding the collection of UCO nationwide is obvious. The benefits for climate protection and environmental protection are undisputed,” said Detlef Evers, managing director of the MVaK.
“Now the German government has to send the right signals for a further expansion of the collection in the framework of the national RED II implementation.
“The limitation for the use of waste-based biofuels must be raised further. And the greenhouse gas reduction quota must be increased immediately and not only in 2024.”
Picture courtesy of MVaK