US snowplows run on biodiesel to beat the deep freeze

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The cities of Ames, Madison and Washington DC have utilised Optimus Technologies for their snowplows which are using 100% biodiesel (B100) as the decarbonisation solution for their heavy-duty fleets.
This decision marks a significant milestone in these cities’ commitment to reducing carbon emissions and transitioning towards renewable energy sources today.
This week, the country has seen extreme low temperatures combined with heavy snowfall and Optimus customers are on the front lines removing snow and keeping their communities safe.
The utilisation of B100 is contributing to substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with these cities near and long-term sustainability goals.
Jason Nordt, fuel management Officer of DC Department of Public Works, aid: "We believe in our commitment to promoting a greener and more sustainable urban environment for our residents and future generations by utilising B100.
“It enables us to continue operating even in severe weather conditions like the one we are experiencing now, ensuring our communities' safety from snow, garbage, and carbon emissions. Using B100 symbolises our collective efforts towards building a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for our city."
The adoption of 100% biodiesel reflects the City of Madison, Wisconsin’s commitment to embracing innovative solutions for urban decarbonisation.
" Using B100 affirms our dedication to domestic energy security and independence, supporting the local Wisconsin economy, and a greener and more sustainable urban environment for residents and future generations. All without compromising on our mission to serve the public during emergencies and at all times. B100 works for us in all seasons as it will for any fleet anywhere," said Mahanth Joishy, fleet superintendent, City of Madison.
The City of Ames has taken advantage of the positive environmental and societal impacts of the transition to biodiesel, as it continues to lead the way in promoting sustainability initiatives and reducing its carbon footprint.
Optimus Technologies founder Colin Huwyler said: “The decision to adopt 100% biodiesel for heavy-duty fleets represents a significant step towards environmental sustainability and decarbonisation for these communities while supporting local economies and domestically produced fuels. I am thrilled that Optimus can be a critical partner for these leading cities embracing innovative solutions for cleaner transportation.”

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