US ethanol exports edge down slightly in June

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US ethanol exports edged 1% lower to 111.9 million gallons (mg) in June.
Nearly 99% landed in just 10 markets, with Canada serving as its largest destination for the 27th consecutive month and representing 45% of sales.
The US shipped 50.8 mg of ethanol north of the border — 0.3% less than May and the third largest on record — which included 65% of total US denatured fuel exports for the month. The European Union imported 15.8 mg (nearly a third less than May), while the United Kingdom imported 13.5 mg (a 40% month-over month jump).
Rounding out the major markets were South Korea (10.3 mg, +6%), Peru (5.5 mg, -11%), Colombia (5.5 mg, -9%), Mexico (4.1 mg, +181%), Nigeria (3.3 mg, up from zero), Singapore (1 mg, up from essentially zero), and Jamaica (0.5 mg, -83%).
US ethanol exports for the first half of 2023 total 704.9 mg, coming in 11% below last year at this time.
For the sixth consecutive month, the US did not register any meaningful imports of foreign ethanol.

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