US energy sector offered $59 million for advanced vehicle technology research

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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced funding of up to $59 million (€52.5 million) for research into new advanced vehicle technologies.

The funding opportunity, which is being offered through the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, is aimed at projects related to co-optimised advanced engine and fuel technologies, as well as alternative fuels and new mobility options, according to the DOE.

Other priority project areas include advanced batteries and electric drive systems, energy efficient mobility systems and materials for more efficient power trains.

“Every day, American consumers and businesses rely on transportation for jobs, schools, and commerce,” said DOE under secretary of energy Mark Menezes. “Through this funding opportunity, we are looking to partner with the best and brightest minds across the country to drive early-stage R&D for vehicle technologies forward, so that all Americans can access more affordable, secure, and reliable transportation.”

Under the ‘Technology Integration’ funding stream, up to $17.5 million (€15.5 million) is available for projects focusing on alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure for resiliency and emergency preparedness, new mobility services in rural America, and alternative fuel (such as natural gas, biofuels, propane, electricity, hydrogen).