Union Database for Biofuels set up by Commission

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The European Commission has established the Union Database for Biofuels (UDB) which opened for online registration by biofuel operators.
According to the Commission the database aims to improve traceability of biofuels, avoid double counting, and address concerns about fraud.
The European Commission said it worked closely with relevant stakeholders and market players to prepare the database.
The Union database is a global traceability tool aimed at tracing consignments of renewable and recycled carbon fuels and raw materials used for their production. It aims to help ensure market transparency and traceability in the supply chain for such fuels, mitigating the risk of irregularities and fraud and thereby supporting efforts to meet EU decarbonisation targets, the commission said.
The revised Renewable Energy Directive provides an overarching policy for the promotion and use of energy from renewable sources in the EU.
It also reinforces the sustainability criteria for bioenergy through different provisions, including the negative direct impact that the production of biofuels may have due to indirect land use change.
Last summer, the commission adopted new rules establishing the share of biofuels and biogas in mixed fuels, co-processed using bio-based and fossil-based raw materials.
Under the RED, EU countries are obliged to ensure that the share of renewable energy in the final consumption of energy in transport is at least 14% by 2030, including a minimum share of 3.5% for advanced biofuels.

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